Why is membership important?

1. The answer is simple for most of us – The club saved our lives.
With the availability of recovery meetings from 7AM – 12 Midnight the NSFC provides the recovery community in the north east valley an unparalleled resource vital to our survival. The club offers over 100 recovery meetings each week. These include a wide variety of recovery groups consisting of AA, AIAnon, AOAC, NA, NarAnon, OA, CA, PA, CoDA, and SLAA. The existence of the NSFC is dependent on our participation as members.

2. There is absolutely no requirement to be a member to attend meetings at the NSFC. We are only required to be self supporting through our own contributions. 7th Tradition collections do not cover all of the expenses that are required for the club to operate. NSFC Memberships are responsible for covering a third of the
expenses that the club must pay each year. Rent, utilities, repairs, maintenance, and supplies such as soap, toilet paper, light bulbs, paper towels are all necessary expenses. We all depend on memberships to cover these costs.

3. The NSFC is a Non Profit 50Ic(3) organization. We do not operate the NSFC to make a profit. Our mission is: To operate for the advancement of those in recovery by providing and managing a facility where AA meetings, Al anon I meetings, NA meetings and other twelve step meetings and related gatherings may be held. Membership~ and donations to the NSFC are tax deductible.

4. We are all part of the NSFC when our groups meet at the club. The groups receive a rebate each month to cover their expenses for chips, literature, and donations to their regional and national organizations. The NSFC does not interfere with the operation of the groups. The Groups are guided by their Traditions. More 7th tradition contributions means more money can be
distributed to the Groups each month.

5. The NSFC is operated by a Board of Directors that the membership elects. The elections are held each April and board members are elected for two year terms. They are all volunteers and receive no compensation for their service on the board. Becoming a member allows you to vote for who your representatives are
on the board and allows you the right to serve on the board.

6. The NSFC supports recovering individuals, the recovery groups and creates opportunities for fellowship by sponsoring events throughout the year. These events are held at times when recovering people can struggle, and fellowship with other recovering individuals may mean survival. These events include: Our Super Bowl party, Memorial Day Picnic, Thanksgiving Dinner, and our Christmas Dinner. Membership in the NSFC insures that we can continue to provide these events to all regardless of Group affiliation or whether you are a member of the NSFC.

7. Members receive additional benefits such as a discount card available to use at local businesses that participate in the discount program.

8. Your donation as a member allows you to participate in the Annual Membership Dinner each year. This is a great opportunity to have some fun, receive additional information about the club and enjoy fellowship with other recovering individuals.

9. Membership in the NSFC provides you with the opportunity to purchase NSFC materials such as coffee cups and more to come.
10. Most Important, by becoming a Member at the NSFC you are helping make sure that the NSFC will be available for the next dying person who is looking for recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship hall