What is NSFC?

North Scottsdale Fellowship Club is the location and home of a number of 12-step recovery groups. More than 100 12-step meetings are held at the NSFC each week.
What is the purpose of the NSFC?
The purpose of the North Scottsdale Fellowship Club (NSFC), is as follows: “To operate for the advancement of those in recovery by providing and managing a facility where AA meetings, AI anon meetings, NA meetings and other twelve step meetings and related gatherings may be held”.
Who owns the fellowship hall?
None of the groups owns the hall; the meeting rooms are leased by the Club. The rent, utilities, and materials needed to run the facility are paid for primarily through contributions made by the attendees at each meeting. There is also a NSFC membership drive each year to help cover the rest of the cost of running the Club.
Who is in charge?
The NSFC is governed by a board of directors elected by its members. The directors are all volunteers who are members in good standing. The board is responsible for the management, maintenance, and expenses associated with the operating the
facility (including rent, utilities, maintenance supplies, and repairs) and to provide a safe environment for groups to meet. The board does not dictate the format, times, or traditions of individual meetings.
Do I have to be a member to attend meetings?
No. Anyone seeking to overcome his/her disease is welcome. The chairperson at each meeting will ask for (7th traditions) contributions from those who are able to do so. The suggested amount is $1.00 (or more) per meeting.  If you drink coffee, a contribution for that is also requested.
Why would I want to become a member? How much does it cost?
Membership is $l2O/year. It includes admission to the annual membership dinner/dance and discounts from local merchants. The membership fees are a critical source of funds to cover the balance of the Club’s operating expenses not covered by the contributions from meetings.
So, what do the individual groups do?
The sole purpose of each 12-step recovery group is to help the still suffering to recover from  their disease and afflictions. The groups have one ultimate authority, a loving God as He may express himself in a group’s conscience. The groups have no dues or fees; they are each self-supporting through their own contributions.

Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship hall