Families Anonymous (FA)

What exactly is Families Anonymous?
(Recovery from the effects of a loved one’s Addictions)

A 12 Step Support Group

NO Fees
NO Community Funding
NO Government Grants
NO last names used
NO forms to fill out
NO formal signup

It’s new friends who help. They can help your situation just as others have helped theirs.

It’s friends who won’t be shocked at your problems… friends who want to help you start feeling good about yourself again.

In short, Families Anonymous are people like you — helping people like you. Please stop by… we’d be happy to meet you.

There is HELP for you if you want it!
Please Join Us…
Who may attend? “Anyone whose life has been adversely affected by another person’s use of drugs, alcohol, or related behavioral problems is welcome. One need only locate a meeting and attend.”

Please check the meeting schedule for times and locations.

For additional information about Families Anonymous, please visit their website at www.FamiliesAnonymous.org.

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