Welcome to the North Scottsdale Fellowship Club!

The NSFC is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization (501c3) that leases the first floor of 10427 N. Scottsdale Road to provide a facility where AA meetings, Al-anon meetings, NA meetings and other twelve step meetings and related gatherings may be held.

Contributions to the Club are tax deductible and we thank all who have been, and continue to be, our friends throughout the years!

The facility is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors that is elected by the members of the Club. The Board is responsible for the maintenance of the facility, Club financial matters, the coordination of the meeting schedule and the general policies of the Club. The Board has no responsibility for the content of the meetings as long as they are compliant with state and local statutes and safety requirements.

A fellowship has grown at the Club and it is the embodiment of the entire community that meets here.  Check out the NSFC History page to learn more about the club’s humble beginnings.

Club membership is not required to attend, or form meetings. However, we hope you join! See “10 Reasons To Become A Member”. Membership fees are a significant contributor to the Club’s operating expenses and help us to continue to serve those who seek sobriety.


Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship hall