Membership Drive

Thank you for your continued support of the North Scottsdale Fellowship Club. Your contributions have helped keep the doors open for more than three decades now, and together we can continue to make the North Scottsdale Fellowship Club a pillar of the recovery community for future generations.

For those of you who are unaware, the NSFC is a separate entity from the 12-Step meetings. It is a 501c Non-Profit organization that depends on the yearly membership contributions. Though the Club relies upon its 7th Tradition donations made each day, an NSFC membership contribution is a separate, but equally important way to help support the Club.

7th tradition contributions significantly  decreased this year due to unexpected conditions which we all faced. Despite that, the club has stayed committed to providing a space either in person or virtually for over 100 weekly 12 -step meetings. The reality is that the expenses of all the collective meeting rooms and the zoom rooms far exceed the 7th tradition contributions of the meetings taking place. The Club manages to make up for this difference through the generous personal donations from select individuals and most importantly our Annual Membership Drive, happening now through November 14th.

The annual membership to North Scottsdale Fellowship Club is $120 and in addition to supporting the club includes the following:

• A seat at our annual membership night to be held on November 14th at the Fellowship Club. Due to the ongoing concern of Covid-19 and the difficulties in providing a safe eating environment, the dinner itself has been cancelled. (Limited seating available due to covid-19 restrictions. An online portion of the event, via zoom, including the speaker and raffle is available as an alternative option).
• Voting rights
• A membership card that can be used at many local businesses to receive a discount on purchases.
Support the Club. Be a member…

Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship hall